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The history of  Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co. Ltd.

In  October of 1996, with  the gradual shrinking of  sack market,  our company invested in new plastic weaving project and the main products are plastic woven bag.

In 1999, the company obtained the right of import and export.

In 2000 July, the company passed the ISO9002 quality system certification.

In September of 2000 , company carried out  joint-stock transformation which was that  collective enterprises was changed to private enterprises. In this year, sacks products all stopped to be produced and  formed the pattern "a single product -- plastic woven bag "

In October of 2000 , approved by the people's Government of the implementation of Shouguang City, we carried out the enterprise restructuring and  changed  company name "shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co. ltd."  The company has developed into one of the large enterprises which  Shouguang City  gives strong support to . 

In 2004. The company's sales got the revenue of 110000000 yuan,It was the first time the we had got the billion mark .

In 2004, the company expanded  production scale and built the new plant in Chenming industrial park.

In 2004, achieved the quality license for the export of dangerous goods packaging container production enterprises

In 2005, the company set up projects of new packaging film, and agricultural film .and the Shandong Longxing plastic film Co. ltd was founded. In early 2006 they was put into operation .

In 2006, Permeability FIBC was  the successful developed , the woven fabric was authorized  the outlook-design patent, in 2008 the weaving mechanism was authorized the patent for utility model, in 2011 invention was obtained patent authorization.

In 2007,  In response to policy" exit  from the city  into the industrial park ", all of our company were moved to Chenming  industrial park. 

In 2008 the company plastic woven bag products was obtained "QS" authentication.

In 2009, the company developed anti-grass  products,  In 2009 ,the products was authorized the patent for utility model, In 2012 it  won the first prize of outstanding achievements of Weifang city science and technology innovation.

In 2009, the company carried on new project which has annual output of 200000 tons of polypropylene powder  and set up Jianyuanchun Chemical Co. ltd." and  was put into operation in 2010 .

In 2009, "Longxing" brand  was awarded "Shandong famous brand products of greenhouse film".

In 2009--2011, the company updated  all the extruder machines, circular loom equipment  for once, all are  the most advanced domestic equipment.

In 2010, our company was named the sixth of "national pp woven industry top ten enterprises ".

In 2011,  Longxing  film company was  moved  to the new site , Hou town project area.

In 2011, the company introduced the five-layer coextrusion blown film equipment from Italy and in 2012 they were put into production.

In 2011, "Shandong Jianyuanchun packing material (Holdings) Limited"was founded and signed the BOPET production line supply contract with the German Brukner, 2014 they were put into production.

In October 25, 2011, the company food-grade FIBC workshop obtained "AIB "certification in USA .

In 2011 July, our company went through the acceptance of "municipal enterprise technology center of Weifang city" smoothly.

In 2011, the company participated in drafting the "plastic woven bag general technical requirements", and "national standards for recycled plastic woven bag" industry standard compilation.

In 2012, research project of agricultural film technique of five layer coextrusion composite multifunctional was listed in the 31, in 2012 the Shandong Province third technological innovation projects, and in 2014 it passed the acceptance.

In 2012, approved by the Weifang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Longxing Agricultural Film Company Limited was established "functional agricultural greenhouse film engineering technology research centerin Weifang city ".

In 2012, the  pp wowenproject put into operation in Yangkou Town.  26 piece shuttle were equiped.

In 2012, our company  developed  and produced  container liquid bag film.

In 2012, the self-made sewing  equipment which can   tightening  loops in the container bags was authorized invention patent.

In 2012, the company's new equipment for the production of paper plastic compound bag, paper bag.

In 2013, our company participated in drafting the "Shandong Province plastic weaving industry safety standards".

In 2013, the conductive FIBC bagwent  through the European product certification.

In 2013, equiped 5  fourteen shuttle and develop and produce woven cloth bag  where it was used outside of container liquid bag .

In 2013, the Longxing plastic sheeting Limited was awarded the "high-tech enterprises in Shandong province".

In 2013, plastic woven bag, container bag products  went through the the dangerous goods packaging production license.

In 2013, "Jianyuanchun " was awarded the national well-known trademark".

In 2013, the Longxing Agricultural Film Co., carried on equipment modification and produced Po film.

In 2013, the company made equipment by ourselves, developed  and producted  liners with the bottleneck inside the bag, the integration of inner bag, equipments were authorized invention patent.

In 2013, the Longxing Agricultural Film Co., developed and producted of high barrier film, soil fumigation in grain fumigation film, green film and wrer authorized patent of utility model.

In 2014, the company updated  sewing, cutting equipment for once, now sewing equipment  is most advanced double needle sewing machine.

In 2014, the company participated in the "environmental mark -- plastic packaging Ministry of environmental protection standards".

In 2014, packaging material company  participated  in  the "national standard". of the formulation of PET tensile heat shrinkable films

In 2014  "an annual output of 20000 tons of PBS bio based series products" has become one of the state approved Weifang bio based industrial cluster project".

In 2014, the Longxing agricultural film company were equiped new equippments  for producing heat shrinkable film, new low pressure film, industrial packaging film.

In 2014, the Longxing Agricultural Film Co., Ltd developed  and producted of high barrier vacuum bag film.

In 2014, New equipment were installed for producing heavy packaging bags.

In 2014, packaging materials company developed and producted 6 m ultrathin BOPET films.

In 2015, packaging materials company developed and producted  transfer film.

In 2015, the Longxing Agricultural Film Co., carried on equipment modification,and  developed and producted of double rough surface geomembrane.


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