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  Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co., Ltd is a very large company, specializing in various woven P.P. bags, such as bulk bags, FIBC"s, BOPP bags, laminated bags, and poly-paper products. We are also a large manufacture of many kinds of industrial packing film, top grade agriculture using plastic products and film. Our company, covering an area of 130,000 square meters, and the building area 60,000 square meters, owns a capital of RMB200 million and has staff of 1,300.Among them are nearly 200 skilled technicians and engineers. Our annual sales volume is RMB 23 billion. achieving up to US$20million’s foreign exchange for Chinese.
  Our company is equipped with both advanced producing lines and with advanced technic. Now, we have automatic Yarn-extrusion machines: 11sets; high-speed circular loom machines: over 200 sets; lamination machine: 5 sets; Back seam machines: 2 sets; color printing machine: 2 sets; printing machine: 10 sets; and various types of sewing machines: 600 sets. On agriculture and industry film producing fields, we have 2 sets of 3-layer-extruded film blown machine and mid\small film blown machine 7 set both of which are all high tech and most advanced in China.
  Our output per year is about 100 million woven P.P. /PE bags, more than 5 million FIBC"s and 2,000mts of other types of compound packaging materials; 5000 tones of top grade EVA and PE ariculture film and 10000 mts various of packaging film used in industrial fields. With the stablest and highest quality, now we are a very large professional packaging supplier in Chinese import and export products lines with an excellent management. We own the right to import and export by ourselves, as we gain the “Quality License for Exporting Products” in China, is ISO9001:2000 certified, also, we are certified by the British Chamber Certification Assessment Service Ltd. Our products are exported to all over the world, such as America, Canada, Australia, Russia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and some other countries and districts. We are mostly welcomed by all of our customers. And we are proud that our product quality is 100% eligible.
  Our management principle: high quality at any side, be careful in anything, seeking perfect ,customer is above all .our service purpose is: to bring benefit to the customer, to create honest, loyal, united, day day up enterprise culture, to get win-win and all-win in the market competition .
  Together with all the members of Jianyuanchun Co.Ltd., President Mr.Zhao Shilong warmly and heartily greets all friends home and abroad, and welcomes all of them to contact us for business and cooperation.



Shandong Shouguang Jianyuanchun Co.,Ltd. Add:108 Gongyuan Xijie Road, Shouguang, Shandong.
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